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Inspiring Inquiries

Learner-centred Approaches for Primary ELT

What is Inspiring Inquiries?

Inspiring Inquiries is a combination of professional development and resources for teachers who want to make and inspire change. Whether you’re familiar with inquiry-based learning or it’s totally new for you, the course will help you develop your teaching skills, planning, methodology and approach in the young learner classroom. The resources will provide you with an easy way to get started with inquiry-based learning, with enough flexibility for it to work with most primary-aged children.

Inspiring Inquiries helps you transition towards a learner-led English language classroom which works for all your students

Do you want to make a difference?

Choose a learner-centred approach

Learner-centred approaches are flexible. They are inclusive because they allow learners with different needs to focus on their own strengths. Inquiry and Project-based learning are used in primary classrooms around the world. However, many ELT teachers are reluctant to adopt such approaches because they believe them to be difficult to implement and, perhaps, they are not sure how to go about it.  

I want to help you develop strategies that will enable you to implement such approaches in your own classroom.

I would love to see children around the world learn English through inclusive, learner-centred methodologies.

Where they are in charge of their learning.

Where they are learning about the real world through investigation and hands-on projects.

Where they learn critical and creative thinking skills, communication and collaboration skills. Where they become future-ready.

Where they are truly engaged and excited about what they are learning!

So how can I make this happen?

By helping you develop learner-centred approaches and by providing resources and materials to help you implement these approaches in your classroom.

Inquiry-based Learning Course

Comprehensive training for young learner teachers who want to move towards a learner-centred approach. Inquiry-based learning puts your learners at the heart of the classroom.

This is a six-week online group programme including live workshops.

Inclusive Approaches for Primary Teachers

What is inclusion? How can we ensure our English programmes are inclusive? In this  course, we’ll explore the key principles of inclusivity through the Inclusive Pedagogies Framework, with a focus on young learner needs and wellbeing.

Inquiry Resource Packs

Themed inquiry resource packs ready to use in your classroom.

Whether you’re new to inquiry-based learning or just need new ideas, the resource packs are a great starting point. Each pack includes comprehensive teaching notes and learrner worksheets.

I came to the Inclusive Approaches course a relative rookie to inclusivity. Although I’d attended a few workshops and had just taken part in Michelle’s ‘Back to School Challenge’, I would readily admit that I wasn’t doing enough to make my primary classrooms as inclusive as they should be. Having just stepped back into a DoS role, the timing was perfect. The course was structured with a good balance of theory and practical elements, allowing us time to delve into Michelle’s ‘Inclusive Pedagogies Framework’ and explore how it could apply to our contexts. No mean feat either, as many participants were from vastly different backgrounds and working contexts. The course community that Michelle created was another strength of the course and made the live sessions and reflection tasks both productive and enlightening. In the months since finishing, I’ve found myself thinking, planning, and teaching much more critically to make our lessons and materials as inclusive as possible. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to any educational professional looking to integrate inclusive practices into their classroom or materials.

Ben Crompton

ELT teacher, trainer & DoS

Try inquiry-based learning for yourself!

Do you want to know more about inquiry-based learning? Why not join our new Facebook group and experience it for yourself! The Teaching Lab aims to support you in directing your own professional development in areas which help you in your classroom.

We’ll lead you through the stages of an inquiry over a six week period. Each inquiry will have a different focus, although you’ll choose your own specific question as the basis for your inquiry.

You’re the one who can spark change in your classroom. And we’re here to support and guide you.

Make next year your best year for you and your learners

What changes would you like to make for the next academic year?

🎯Perhaps you are keen to work on creating a positive classroom experience where all students feel they belong.

🎯Maybe you’ve noticed a lack of engagement and have a class that is struggling with a more traditional approach.

🎯Or you have students with different needs who would benefit from additional flexibility.

🎯You may have already decided that you want to give your students more autonomy and independence and are ready to try a new approach.




The next edition of my new course on inquiry-based learning: Inspiring Inquiries will run in May 2024.

Inspiring Inquiries Course in Inquiry-based learning for ELT

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