The Teaching Introverts Toolkit

Empowering Teachers to Create Inclusive Classrooms!


Are you a teacher in an ELT setting or a primary school, looking to make your classroom a better place for introverted and shy students? Struggling to keep different kinds of learners happy and engaged? Look no further! The Teaching Introverts Toolkit is here to support you in creating a more inclusive classroom environment.

This resource pack is designed to provide teachers with practical tools and strategies to cater to the unique needs of introverted and shy students. With a range of activities, tips, and resources, the Teaching Introverts Toolkit equips you with the knowledge and skills to engage these students and help them thrive.

Imagine having a classroom where every student feels valued and heard. With the Teaching Introverts Toolkit, you can achieve just that. You’ll discover techniques for creating a safe and supportive learning environment, tailored to the needs of introverted and shy students. From implementing quiet zones, providing alternative assessment options, to utilizing technology for collaboration, this toolkit offers ten practical ideas that you can implement straight away.

By using the Teaching Introverts Toolkit, you’ll be able to foster an inclusive classroom environment where introverted and shy students can thrive academically and socially. You’ll witness increased engagement, improved confidence, and a sense of belonging among your students.

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