What is the Inclusive Pedogogies Framework?

The framework is a diagram that is designed to help teachers, authors, editors, and curriculum designers ensure that their lessons, courses and programmes are as inclusive as possible, in terms of the learners in any given class.

I first came up with the concept for the framework when I was working on a prototype for a new kind of resource pack. I wanted to ensure that I had a basic set of principles in mind when designing each pack, which is what you’ll find in the General Principles section. The framework is also the backbone of my course, Inclusive Approaches for Primary Teachers. However, I also wanted to make the framework available to others who may find it useful.

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The Inclusive Pedagogies Framework with Companion Guide – digital download

The Companion Guide will help you interpret the Inclusive Pedagogies Framework and apply it to your context.

Each section and principle in the framework has a brief explanation, practical tips and an example activity to help you see how we can use the framework to inform our teaching.

The framework and companion guide is a set of guidelines that provide useful support to teachers, writers or course designers wishing to make their materials and classrooms more inclusive.

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Please note that a version of The Companion Guide is included in the course Inclusive Approaches for Primary Teachers.