Resource packs to help you use inquiry-based learning in your classroom


Want to try inquiry-based learning with your class but don’t have time?

I get it.

Preparing and planning an inquiry can be very time consuming. There’s a lot to think about: what vocabulary and structures you expect the children to need during the inquiry, the linguistic and content objectives of the syllabus, coming up with an essential question to investigate, finding materials for them to use, and so on.

It’s a lot of work.

And I know how busy you are. I know how much work you have to do outside your lessons: planning, marking, paperwork, attending meetings. 

I want to help you implement inquiry-based learning into your classrooms.

So, I’ve created a series of resource packs for you.

The Inspiring Inquiry resource packs will help guide you through an inquiry with your learners. Each resource pack is based around a theme. The pack will contain an  inquiry question with ideas on how to plan and develop an inquiry for learners of different age groups and levels.

Each pack includes a Quick Guide to Inquiry-based Learning and a set of printable worksheets.

With a resource pack, your planning will be kept to a minimum, as I’ve done most of it for you!

Who are the resource packs for?

The Inspiring Inquiry resource packs are designed for teachers of primary-aged learners who are learning English as a second or foreign language.

What do the resource packs contain?

The resource packs contain everything you need to carry out an inquiry with your class. Suggested inquiry questions, activities, ideas for teaching useful language, and worksheets for each stage of the inquiry.

What level are the resource packs?

The resource packs are suitable for learners of differing levels and abilities, ranging from pre-A1 to A2. Each pack contains a range of suggestions for inquiry questions and activities so you can choose those that best suit your class.

What topics are included?

I’ve chosen topics that are both interesting for students of this age group but which are also closely connected to a standard ELT curriculum and CLIL syllabus. However, if you have any suggestions for new packs, please get in touch!

How do I know if a resource pack is right for my students?

You can read an overview of the pack before you buy with possible language areas to exploit. Each pack will have suggestions and ideas for activities at a variety of levels, from pre-A1 to A2.

Can I subscribe and get access to all resource packs?

At the moment, packs are available as individual resources. Soon, I will be making them available in bundles of three. To stay updated and be the first to know when bundles and subscriptions are available, sign up to my newsletter.

I first worked with Michelle when she was working on Global Stage and I was her development editor. We later wrote components for the same pre-primary course. Michelle was great to work with from the very beginning. She produced very complete and accomplished first drafts and she took on feedback and suggestions willingly. Michelle brings creativity and ideas to every project and I would recommend her for both materials development and training. Her very recent classroom experience means she knows what works with young learners and can create materials that pass on her years of teaching expertise. I think any ELT teacher would benefit from Michelle’s ideas and resources.

Mary Roulston

Author & Content Developer

Inspiring Inquiry resource packs

Cover of the Inspiring Inquiries Resource Pack 1: Home


With this pack your students will explore the question What makes the perfect home? Suitable for levels pre-A1 to A2.

Cover of the Inspiring Inquiries Pack: Space with images of the planets and a rocket.


With this pack your students will explore the question What’s the best planet to live on? Suitable for levels A1 to A2+.

Cover of the Inspiring Inquiries Resource Pack 1: Home


With this pack your students will explore the question How do minibeasts survive? Suitable for levels pre-A1 to A2.

Cover of Inspiring Inquiries Resource Pack: Food


With this pack your students will explore the question Where does our food come from? Suitable for levels pre-A1 to A2+.


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