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The Teaching Introverts Cheat Sheet

Are you a teacher in an ELT setting or a primary school, looking to make your classroom a better place for introverted and shy students? Struggling to keep different kinds of learners happy and engaged? Look no further! The Teaching Introverts Cheat Sheet is here to support you in creating a more inclusive classroom environment.

The Teaching Introverts Cheat Sheet is a list of ten tips to help you reflect on your introverted students’ needs. You’ll also find the Teaching Introverts Checklist which will help you evaluate your teaching practice in order to find out where you need to take action.

This is a standalone freebie which is designed to get you thinking about your introverted learners.

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Before you go…

The Cheat Sheet is great but it’s only a small part of the Teaching Introverts Toolkit.

Why not upgrade? For just 9€ you can get your hands on a 30-page pfd with ten separate resources all designed to help you make your classroom the best possible learning environment for your introverted and shy learners.

Go on – your introverted learners really do deserve it!