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Are you looking for something different to do with your primary students in the last few lessons before we break up for the holidays?

You may have read my post earlier this week about inquiry-based learning and want to give it a try in a low-stakes environment.

If so, you’re in luck!

The last few lessons of term are the perfect opportunity to try out something a bit different, when the pressure is off.

Your learners are likely tired and excited (a terrible combination for deep concentration) and will relish a change.

Below you’ll find ideas for inquiry questions around festive topics. Remember that inquiry is all about having learners find answers to their own questions, so if possible, let them choose where to take their inquiry. It’s the end of term, after all – surely they deserve a bit of freedom!

Let it snow!

What is snow?

Sub questions students could explore:

Why does/doesn’t it snow?

How is snow formed?

Why does it snow in the mountains?

What does a snowflake really look like?

What happens to plants and animals when it snows?

Why is it quiet when it snows? (Based on The Hush of Snow from Kids Discover The Hush of Snow | Kids Discover Online)

Sustainable Gifts

How can I make a planet-friendly gift?

Sub questions students could explore:

What materials are/aren’t sustainable?

How can I upcycle my things?

How can I make my own sustainable wrapping paper?

Where can I buy eco-friendly products?

What gifts can I make?

How can I personalise a gift?

Festive Food

What makes festive* food special?

Sub questions students could explore:

How can I make festive* cookies?

What objects or shapes represent this festival?

What can we smell/taste at this time of year?

How can we make food look pretty?

Who do we celebrate with?

*replace with a suitable celebration, e.g. Christmas/New Year/Hanukkah/Shogatsu/Kwanzaa

Class party!

What makes a good party?

Sub questions students could explore:

What do people do at parties?

What activities can we do at a party?

What kind of music is good for parties?

How can we make the classroom look like a party venue?

How can we make decorations?

What food and drinks can we bring?

This is just a taster of inquiry-based learning. I’m currently developing resource packs that will include lots of activity ideas, instructions, and worksheets, as well as possible inquiry questions. If you want to stay up-to-date, why not sign up for my weekly newsletter? That way you’ll be the first to hear about new releases.