You haven’t signed up for the Inclusive Approaches Bootcamp.

It’s not for me…

You may be right, perhaps it isn’t for you! It’s totally normal to have some concerns or objections. But if you have a spare minute, please read on and see why you may just be wrong – I don’t want you to get FOMO when we start!

Why You Absolutely Need the Inclusive Approaches Bootcamp!

1 I don’t have time for another course.

I completely sympathize with your busy schedule. I am one to sign up for courses that I don’t have time to commit to! However, investing time in the Inclusive Approaches Bootcamp will save you precious hours in the long run, especially if you’re thinking you may do the six-week course later on.

You’ll also reduce the number of hours your spend worrying about why your classroom management system isn’t working or how to differentiate to meet the needs of all your learners.

And time isn’t the only thing you’ll save. The course will help you create an environment that supports every learner. Imagine the energy and heartache you’ll save when you get things right from the very start!

2 I already know a lot about inclusive teaching.

That’s wonderful! It’s great that you’ve already taken steps to make your classroom inclusive. However, it depends on what you mean by inclusive teaching. As well as strategies for teaching diverse learners, on the Inclusive Approaches Bootcamp you’ll also think about your pedagogical approach from a wider perspective. We’ll look at the basic principles behind inclusive young learner teaching and open up our minds to innovative learner-centred pedagogies for ELT.

3 My students are already doing well, so why change?

While some of your students may be thriving, there may be one or two who are struggling. And there’s always room for improvement! The Inclusive Approaches Bootcamp fosters an inclusive classroom environment where everyone feels valued and empowered. By implementing inclusive practices, you’ll unlock the potential of every student, helping them develop their language but also their personalities and relationships. Moreover, you’ll become a role model for other educators seeking to create inclusive spaces, making a positive impact beyond your own classroom.

4 I can’t afford the cost of the course.

I get that financial considerations are important. However, by choosing CPD, you’re investing in your career and the future success of your students. The price of the bootcamp is significantly lower than the six-week version. Plus, we can offer two-part payment plan if you book by 26th July.

5 I’m not confident in my ability to implement inclusive approaches.

Feeling uncertain is natural when exploring new teaching methods. But don’t worry, the Inclusive Approaches Bootcamp is designed to support you every step of the way. I’ll be there to personally guide you through practical activities and provide ongoing feedback to help you gain confidence. Additionally, you’ll become part of a supportive community of like-minded educators, where you can share experiences, seek advice, and celebrate successes together.

If you really can’t commit, that’s fine. Perhaps you will be able to join a future edition of the course. But don’t let these objections hold you back from becoming the inclusive educator you aspire to be. Join the bootcamp today!